Saturday, January 29, 2011

All my bags are packed...

I'm ready to go...

However, I am not leaving on a jet plane.  More like leaving for the hospital in a couple of weeks.  When I was told my due date for my (now 4 year old) son, I actually expected for him to arrive on that date.  So, when I went into labor 11 days early, I was not prepared at all!  Around 2am my water broke and while I laid in bed having (pretty minor at that point) contractions, my husband packed my bag.  I ended up with a huge mess of stuff that I never even ended up using.

Today, I spent my morning packing my hospital bag.  I have 5 weeks left until my due date and well, this time, I am totally prepared!  The contents of my bag this time around are a lot less.  I am only bringing necessities.  Toiletry items, outfit for me to wear home, outfit for the baby to wear home, fully charged iPod, something to knit (duh, how could I leave home without yarn?!) and some breastfeeding supplies.  As soon as I finish my labor socks, they will make it into the bag too.  Oh and I do have a hat and booties (hand knit by me!) for the baby to wear while in the hospital.  

The bag shown in the photo is the diaper bag (Vera Bradley "Baby Bag" in Imperial Toile) we are sporting this time around.  My husband hasn't seen it yet and I am sure there will be comments.  It's been 4 years since my last VB baby bag and the model has changed.  For the better I might add!  A LOT more pockets, a fully lined interior, bigger changing pad and even a strap to clip in your car keys.   


  1. I'm due in (dear lucky stars, how did we get to this point already?!) two weeks. I'm still only kind of packed. But I have lots of rechargable batteries in my hospital bag. I'm having trouble thinking of everything, even though I have tons of books and lists that tell me what I should bring. How do you keep from having your brain explode?

    Maybe I'm just having rookie mom syndrome, if there is such a thing.

  2. 2 weeks! That's awesome!!! Congrats in advance.

    With my son, I was in labor for 17 hours. I was really happy that I had my iPod. That is pretty much the only thing I used while in labor. The hospital will provide pretty much everything besides clothes to go home in. I literally have just the diaper bag filled this time.

    Good luck!!!!