Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'd like to order more time please!

6am: wake up and get ready for work
6:30am: wake boys up and get them ready for the day
7am-8:30am: Dropping boys off at respective schools and sitting in traffic.
8:30am-5:30pm: WORK WORK WORK; you know, the job that puts food on the table!
5:30pm - 7pm: scoop up boys and sit in more TRAFFIC and not in that order.
7pm-8:30pm:  Dinner, bath, bed and hang out with my favorite boys and not in that order.  
8:30-When I pass out:  QUILTING, SEWING, CRAFTING, KNITTING!!!  

Yep, I am kind of busy...  I have heard comments from friends wondering if I actually sleep.  My body may sleep, but my brain pretty much never stops.  So to add to my schedule above, here is what I think about when I am not thinking about my boys:

Follow Brenna Kotar's board Quilting on Pinterest.

Oh and I have TONS of fabric arriving over the next couple of days!  Be Knit Picky the shop is in full effect people!  

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