Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cloth Diapering, The Beginning

About a year ago now, a new Mom-to-be told me how she was going to use cloth diapers.  My immediate thought - Is she nuts?  When we found out we were expecting too, I didn't give diapering much thought.  We already had one child and used disposables when he was a baby.  Then, about 4 months into my pregnancy, a friend gave me some newborn prefolds and covers.  She went on and on about how easy using cloth was.  She made it sound so simple.  I discussed my interest in cloth with my husband and he of course, laughed and said I wouldn't last a month.  Well, our son is almost 3 months old and I am happy to say we are still using cloth.  In fact, it's become an obsession.  I haven't drooled over yarn in months.  It's that bad people.  

How can someone become obsessed with diapers??  It's easy.  Have you seen how cute they are?  Since the beginning, I have tried every style.  From pockets to flats and aplix to snaps, I have explored every option.  It's taken me about 3 months to figure out just what kind of cloth diaper wearer my boy likes best. In the end, I have found that fitteds are awesome for night (we have a heavy wetter here!) and flats with covers are nice and trim for the daytime.  

I acquired my original (its totally different now!) stash in various ways.  There is the friend who loaned us her prefolds and covers.  Also, another good (and generous!) friend passed on her diaper stash.  It consisted of about 30+ FuzziBunz in various sizes, 30+ flats in infant and toddler sizes, a bunch of random covers and also some hand knit wool covers in larger toddler sizes.  Prior to my friend saying she would give us her stash, I placed an order with Kelly's Closet for a pack of Bummis prefolds in the infant size and 3 covers.  I chose this store because of the free shipping AND they throw in a  free one size diaper if you order a certain dollar amount.  The free dipe ended up being a Rumparooz OS and I blame this on how my obsession came to be.  You see, the used stash from my friend was very well loved (diapered TWO children from birth to PT!!) and this RaR, well, it was SO nice and new.  I had no idea that diapers could be this nice.  I mean, after all, think about what diapers are used for!  How could it be so cute?  

So here we are today, at almost 3 months and I LOVE cloth diapering.  I post in forums, ask my own and answer other people's questions and even belong to certain groups on FaceBook.  The cloth diapering community is so much like the knitting/crocheting community - nice people who are passionate about what they like.  

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