Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magic Slippers

Ever heard of Blue Moon Fiber Arts?  This company has some of the yummiest colorways paired with some of the most beautiful fiber.  The most popular yarn they offer is the Blue Moon 'Socks That Rock' (offered in Lightweight, Mediumweight and Heavyweight).  About two years ago, I ordered a skein of mediumweight in the colorway, Farmhouse.  It sat on my shelf looking pretty until it was ready to be made into some adorable Magic Slippers.  At the time of their creation, I had no idea that I was indeed having a baby boy, so I thought this pairing was very gender neutral.  I remember making them thinking they were SO tiny.  Hah!  They are huge and still do not fit my 95th percentile baby boy!  I am thinking they will fit just in time for the cool weather months here in Texas (no really, we have those sometimes!). 

pattern:  Magic Slippers by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer
yarn:  Blue Moon, Socks That Rock, Mediumweight in Farmhouse
my ravelry link: Magic Slippers
PS - I'm back!!! 

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