Friday, June 10, 2011

The A Team

Well, it was only a matter of time that I would mention pumping and/or breastfeeding on this here blog.  Both are a big part of my life now.  During the week, 3 times a day, I hook up to my breast pump in this little empty office by my cubicle.  It's nice, because I can leave everything set up.  I literally walk in, sit down, hook up and pump away for approximately 15 minutes.  I have it dialed in now.  Pumping is a skill.  You can't just expect your body to shift gears on it's own.  Your baby will get way more milk out of you than any machine can.  I have a different pump this time around and so far, I like it.  Sure, it makes that funny noise, but what breast pump doesn't?  I often wonder if my coworkers can hear the machine pumping away.

I feel so differently about breastfeeding this time around.  With my first child, it was hard and I didn't last very long (a little more than 4 months).  Perhaps it was my inexperience and/or lack of confidence, but I just never seemed to feel 100% committed to breastfeeding.  I knew all of the benefits and had lots of support, but I just never felt it was for me.  When we made the switch over to formula, I felt SO incredibly guilty, like I had failed as a mother.  Turns out though, everything was just fine, including my son.  This time around I feel so differently about breastfeeding.  I actually like it.  I would even go as far as saying that I love it.  The one on one time I get to spend with Baby K is wonderful. I love that on my lunch break, I am able to go see him and nurse.  It's truly a special, once in a lifetime thing that only Baby K and I share.  We make a great team.

At Baby K's 3 month check up, our Ped gave us the green light to start giving him rice cereal at 4 months (which I do NOT agree with - more on that later).  Amon other things, it made me incredibly sad to think that solid food time is just around the corner.  How could time be going by so fast?  I am not done with this infant stage.  I am not ready for the next step.  I am not done with exclusively breastfeeding.  Someone press the pause button!

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  1. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    I really enjoyed BFing too and when you wrote just now about how solids will start soon, etc... I thought how weird it is that Isaac has been eating totally regular food for a while now. They really do grow so quickly!