Friday, June 3, 2011


As temperatures begin to reach the 100s here in Central Texas, I am reminded that summer is upon us.  I thought I would kick off "Flashback Friday" with a super fun summer knit that I made for Little Miss (my niece) a couple of years ago.  This project reminds me of how far I have come in just 2 years.  I can only take half credit for this project, as I didn't even know what a bobbin was going in.  My Mom graciously attached the skirt to the bodice for me.  This was one of three Summerlin dresses I made for Little Miss. 

I actually got this fabric prior to my Heather Ross obsession.  Who knew that in just two summers I would be scouring the Internet trying to find this out of print fabric collection (Mendocino).  Not too long ago, I saw an ebay listing for ONE yard of this print (Seahorses in Aqua) going for $40+.  

It's incredible how much she has changed in just two short years.  Little Miss was almost 18 months when these photos were taken. Sigh, they grow so fast...

pattern:   Summerlin by Alice Schnebly
yarn: Berroco Comfort, Aqua
my ravelry link: Seahorse Summer Dress
All photos taken by Carey, Finding Chaos


  1. I showed this picture of Little Miss to The Boy and he thought it was funny that she had no hair. :) I LOVE this fabric.

  2. Oh that's adorable ... and so is the kiddo!