Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Favorite Fluff: Gen-Y Diaper Covers

With all of the "I <3 wool" talk yesterday, I thought it might be nice to share a favorite, non-wool cover today.  It's amazing how Baby K's diaper stash has transformed since the beginning of our cloth diapering journey.  A couple of months ago, I came across Gen-Y diaper covers.  They are AMAZING.  Not only are they super cute, they are also 99% leak proof (sorry, no cover or disposable for that matter, can be 100% - blow outs are just inevitable!).  The covers are offered in two different styles:  Classic (XS, S, M, L, XL) or Universal (S, L).    Personally, I like the Classics.  They just seem to fit Baby K better.  The Universals are cool though because you can adjust the rise and they have gussets. 

Our current Gen-Y stash from top to bottom:  Serenity, Yippee!, Free Range, Dinomite, Oh! Gnome and Sushi Toss 

It's hard to pick out a favorite because they are all SO incredibly cute.  I love that the owner of this company (awesome customer service too!) uses fabric for the outer and PUL for the inner.  Since we started using these, we haven't had any daytime leaks.  I am sure they would make great nighttime covers as well, but we stick to wool at night.  No reason to mess up a good/leak proof thing.  I usually pair these covers with a flat during the day.  (Favorite flats post coming soon!)   

These covers are so cute that there is no way I can cover them up.  This has inspired me to make some tees for Baby K, which then led me to make a LOT more tees to sell in my Etsy shop.  Here is a peak, you can find more tees over at BeKnitPicky (there is a permanent link in the top right sidebar 'Buy Knits').

Over the next couple of weeks there will be shirts to match Free Range, Sushi Toss, Edgy Veggie and AniMayhem.  I do custom orders as well, so if you see a tee you like, but need it in a different size/color, send me an email These shirts do not have to be paired with your favorite Gen-Y diaper cover.  They are for all babies/toddlers and would look just darling with some lounge pants too! 

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