Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hoot Soaker

**If you would like to purchase the Hoot Soaker, please visit BeKnitPicky, the shop.** 

It's pretty cool that my two addictions/obsessions can easily compliment one another.  Cloth diapering and knitting go hand in hand, especially if you love wool as much as I do.  Throughout my figuring out which cloth diapering scene works best for my boy, I discovered that nothing, in my opinion, beats the fitted dipe and wool combo.  It's seriously leakproof and better yet, you are using all natural fibers.  My husband thinks it nuts that I am putting our son in a wool soaker in the middle of summer in redic hot Texas.  Wool is an amazing fiber though.  It actually removes excess moisture away from your skin allowing you to keep cool in the hot summer.  Bonus for cloth diapering!  In the winter, wool acts like an insulator, allowing you to stay warm.  Wool is sort of like a built in climate control system.  I read a post on Facebook from a Mama who did an experiment and found that her little one's bum was actually 5 degrees cooler in the fitted dipe/wool soaker combo versus a disposable.  Pretty neat!  Another bonus for cloth diapering! 

So, with all of this wool is a great fiber talk, I decided that Baby K needed some hand knit soakers.  Retail value of these soakers can cost anywhere from $30 to $60!  Yikes!  Especially when you can knit one for less than $10.  Over the next couple of months as Baby K grows, I hope to put out a bunch of soaker patterns.  The first one I made while I was still pregnant and sadly, baby brain got the better half of me while knitting the pattern.  I would love for someone to test knit before I put the pattern up (for free!).  Comment on this post if you would like to test knit. 

Introducing, the Hoot Soaker...

pattern:  Hoot Soaker by BeKnitPicky
yarn:  Dream in Color, Happy Forest
my ravelry link: Hoot Soaker


  1. That is so cute! I'd be happy to test knit, I'm cheekyimp on Ravelry :-)

  2. absolutely adorable! :) I, too, would be happy to test knit. I'm pikake101 on Ravelry :)

  3. Awesome! And thank you in advance :) I will find you on Ravelry too!

  4. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    My sisters have been asking me when I plan to knit them some wool soakers.