Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have lots of blog posts swimming around in my head, but no time to write them all out.  So, I leave you with pure randomness...

  • The Little Dude completed a super impressive lego (castle!) project that is (according to the box) meant for ages 6-12.  He's 4.  I know he is my kid, but I really think he is super smart.  The kid can focus.
  • My cloth diaper obsession reached a new level.  I dreamed that one of my favorite brands (Sustainablebabyish) came out with a new color of knits.  WOW.
  • I have 3+ custom knitting orders going on right now.  I really LOVE to make things for other people.  It's why I knit.  Once winter (does that really happen here?) arrives you will see me complain about how I have no handmade knits for myself to wear. 
  • I am already excited for the Holidays.  Funny how I get SO excited months in advance to set up decorations, yet as soon as Christmas is over I cannot get the decorations put away fast enough. 
  • I am often confused by the "competition" for sales amongst crafters.  People buy what they want to buy.  There is no need to try and one up or "steal" sales.  Let's all play nice! 
  • On the edge of my seat to see if I get accepted to a Masters program for the fall.  They JUST started checking applications.  Um, registration started this past Saturday.  Something seems off about this.  It's a UT system school and I am not sure what the delay is all about.
  • I will be SO sad if I don't get accepted.  (see above comment)
  • I am camera-less.  Had to return my lens because the auto-focus stopped working.  Lesson learned:  Do not buy a camera lens from South Korea off of eBay. 
  • Knitting tip!  When making a top-down cardigan, use smaller needles (by at least TWO sizes) for the first couple of rows so that the neck isn't all wonky and easy to stretch out. 
I leave you with an adorable fluff photo of Baby K.

He is rockin' his custom made fitted diaper from Orange Diaper Company. The fabric is Heather Ross from the Mendocino (Large Octopus) collection.  lovelovelove


  1. Brenna, I have this idea for doing a Random Thursday (because Thursday is "R" at college ;D) blog hop where all the participants do a Random post on Thursdays. So we can get all the random stuff out of our brains that doesn't fit in anywhere else. What do you think?

  2. Is Hunter into puzzles? Elliot is dominating 100 piece puzzles but isn't so much into the Legos, even though he wants to be. Heh heh.

  3. Sounds good Liz!!! I know of a blog that does random Tuesdays.

    Claire- yes, Hunter digs puzzles too!!

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