Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Latte Bean Cardi

I am just knocking these baby cardis out left and right.  I love the simplicity of this design.  Knit top down and all in one piece is what I like best.  Worsted weight is also huge plus.  The yarn selection is another first for me.  While Debbie Bliss yarns are hugely popular, I have always found them to be a bit pricey for the yardage.  I scooped up these colors online via Webs during a sale.  Normally, I wouldn't dream of knitting a baby item in hand wash only yarn, but I caved on this one.  The merino/microfiber/cashmere blend seemed like a perfect fit for a baby to wear close to his or her skin.  I'll just need to remember why I chose this yarn the first time Baby K spews all over it! 

pattern:   Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth F. Smith
yarn:  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
size:  0-3 months
my ravelry link: Little Latte Bean Cardi

When picking out the buttons, I asked a little girl in the button isle at my local craft store what she thought about this combo.  Her reply was "they will look pretty" and then she turned to her Mom and asked if she could learn to knit.  Made my heart warm.  Needless to say, the buttons were purchased.  I love how they add a subtle pop of color to such a neutral color combo. 

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  1. love the little pop of color the blue buttons give to this cardigan. very cute!